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Enterprise or company flag size

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The enterprise flag is the symbol of the enterprise, and the flag surface is generally the symbolic color of the enterprise. When making a flag, the flag usually has the company name or company logo on it. When hanging it, it is usually hung at the door of the enterprise, hung at the same time as the national flag and lower than the national flag. The enterprise flag contains the temperament of the enterprise, highlights the cultural concept of the enterprise, reflects the spiritual outlook of the enterprise, and shows the personality characteristics of the enterprise, which is of great significance to an enterprise.

At present, the size of enterprise flags commonly used in the market is made according to the standard of national flag size. Generally, the common sizes of enterprise flags are: the size of No. 2 enterprise flag is 160*240, the size of No. 3 enterprise flag is 128*192, and the size of No. 4 enterprise flag is 96*144. Custom sizes of corporate flags of other specifications are usually used in some special occasions or in different ways.

  • Company name: Jinteng flag Co.,ltd.

  • Company type: Manufacturer

  • Location: China,Zhejiang

  • The scale of company: 100 - 499 People

  • Registered capital: 5000000.00ten thousandDollar

  • Year of Registered: 1989

  • Business scope:   Indoor flags/Outdoor flags/Desktop flags/Handy flags Car/window flags/Animal flags/Ad flags/Chain flags/Gift flags, etc.


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